Chapter 19 – Imminent Danger

Despite advancements in materials technology over the past few decades, superhero costumes still ran the gamut between stylistic and functional. The line wasn't always clear; for example, most people would consider Flawless Form's gi to be a functional choice, but there were plenty of other options that would provide similar coverage and freedom of movement. … Continue reading Chapter 19 – Imminent Danger

Chapter 15 – A Battle in Newark

I'm not a physicist; I know just enough to recognize my own ignorance on the subject. For example, I know that powers are called 'omicron aberrations' by some scientists, and that they are believed to be caused by vibrations within a 'gauge field' with 'half-integer spin' (generally thought impossible until the discovery and later exploitation … Continue reading Chapter 15 – A Battle in Newark

Chapter 13 – Family Enterprise

Like most Super Team facilities, the New York Super Team headquarters building was furnished for the twenty-first century. Every space assumed the use of connected technology and the inclusion of members not present. Most rooms were modular and broadly configurable, with furniture that could be collected to form a more structured space or dispersed to … Continue reading Chapter 13 – Family Enterprise